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A Whole New
Cooling Experience

The ChilledDoor® Rack Cooling System isn’t just a way to remove 100% of the heat from your server rack, it’s a way to change the dynamic of how your data center is cooled. By using advanced “Active” rear door heat exchanger technology, your cooling system becomes a dynamic entity, reacting to minute by minute changes in compute loads of up to 75kW. Whether you’re cooling advanced High Performance Computers, high end storage, or simple switchgear, the ChilledDoor® works to keep your computing environment “heat neutral”.

The ChilledDoor’s smooth metal surface connects seamlessly to your server rack. It moves cooling directly to the rack level where infrastructure meets hardware in perfect unison creating next generation cooling for mission critical IT.

Put your efficiency on display

Active Rack Cooling. Redefine Your PUE.

Ultra Efficient

EC fans dynamically adjust to compensate for changing densities. Capable of removing up to 75kW per rack.


Designed for single unit buildup and interchangeable models allowing for future growth.

Rack Agnostic

Designed for use with any industry standard server rack. Ideal for retrofits and new facilities.



PLC Control System Simple navigation, adjustable set points and alarms provide you with individual ChilledDoor setup, control, and monitoring.


PLC Control System Maximum cooling, compact design.


PLC Control System Allows for quick service replacement with no downtime.


PLC Control System Designed for seemless integration with your server rack.


PLC Control System Provides your data center team with visual ChilledDoor status.

They Asked for Better PUE.
Show Them.

The Chilled Door has the ability to completely transform the way your data center is cooled. Its unique ability to utilize warmer water sources such as cooling towers, river water and high set point Free Cooling chillers creates efficiencies that extend well beyond the white space. Imagine improving your data center efficiencies by up to 70%. Tomorrow’s PUE targets are available today.



As a Manager of a multi-million dollar data center we depend on being up 24×7 that includes keeping the servers running at their best. The Motivair ChilledDoor® solution has given us back the control of the server cabinet. Prior to the Motivair door we were using passive doors and custom fan enclosures and had no control of either. The ChilledDoor’s have increased our chiller efficiency and allowed us to use our air handlers for humidity control only. Their service and product knowledge couldn’t be any better. The entire Motivair team did whatever it took to make my purchase as easy as possible.”

Timothy Miller
Manager, Computer Networks, Government Site

We were in search of a cooling solution for high density computing, 10kW per cabinet, and 2MW in a 10,000sf facility. The ChilledDoor’s did not take up additional aisle space allowing us to place more equipment on the floor while keeping our cost per kW down. Motivair is always eager to help ensure we get everything out of the ChilledDoor’s while continuing to strive to make our lives as simple as possible.”

Dan Allen
VP Facilities & Engineering, LightBound®

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