Motivair is committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers both before during and after a project is completed. Your business often depends not only on our equipment but also our ability to respond to your needs. Whether you have general question about how to best operate your Motivair equipment or need assistance with scheduling maintenance or emergency service, you can trust our experts to be there to help.

Tech Support – Parts & Service

Motivair’s Support Team is available free of charge to assist you or your local service provider with technical support, spare parts sales, warranty support and scheduling maintenance.

For the fastest support, please click the button below to open or view a parts/service ticket within Motivair’s Service Portal:

Service Call In: 716-691-9222 (Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm EST)

New Product Start-up Services

If you are purchasing new Motivair equipment, you should consider adding Motivair certified Start-up and Commissioning services. Our team of factory certified technicians are skilled in the today’s newest technologies for testing and commissioning to ensure that your equipment is started up correctly and is operating as designed.

Our Start-up and Commissioning services are even more important in a mission critical environment when every minute counts and unforeseen events on site require the industries best experts to support the commissioning team.

Advantages of Factory Certified Start-up & Commissioning

Your new equipment receives a thorough multipoint check list ensuring that all operating sequences and safety alarms parameters meet factory guidelines.

Level III Commissioning Support
Provides a factory expert, on site to operate your equipment during the commissioning of your Mission Critical facility saving time and money.

The best way to ensure the most reliable operation, highest efficiencies and long life of your new equipment is to make sure it is installed, started and commissioned correctly from day one.